Accès à la justice et inclusion numérique : Au-delà des enjeux technologiques

This article focuses on digital inequalities that affect access to public services, and specifically, access to justice. In Quebec, court ledgers are public registers that trace the judicial history of individuals and are available online. Using an access to justice lens, this article addresses the existing tension between the objectives of digitizing public services and digital access inequalities, with a particular focus on the case of computerized court ledgers in Quebec. We trace the evolution of approaches to addressing digital inequalities, emphasizing the need to go beyond the question of physical access to digital services and to address pre-existing socioeconomic inequalities. We analyze access difficulties and usage of court ledgers through the various dimensions of digital access proposed by Jan van Dijk (2006) in order to reflect on concrete and effective solutions for improving access to court ledgers and, more broadly, access to justice.

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