The LabCMO brings together researchers interested in digital technologies and media uses and the changes they generate in society. The LabCMO is co-directed by Florence Millerand and Guillaume Latzko-Toth

The LabCMO’s research mobilizes interdisciplinary approaches, mostly qualitative or mixed, to address contemporary issues such as digital media and their publics; emerging information and cultural practices and, new mediating devices; sociability, identity and political action online; citizen engagement in a digital context; the socio-political issues of informational capitalism and alternative movements (open-source software, peer production, citizen science, open data, etc.); work and collaborative dynamics in digital environments.

Founded in 2002, the LabCMO spans two main campuses: the Université du Québec à Montréal and the Université Laval (Québec). In total, nearly 20 researchers and 70 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from 5 academic institutions are affiliated with the LabCMO. It hosts graduate students in Communications, Sociology, STS (Science, Technology and Society) and related disciplines, as well as Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellows on an ongoing basis.

The LabCMO is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec — Société et culture — and is affiliated with the Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie (CIRST).

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