As ciências participativas: o ressurgimento das práticas artesanais de produção de conhecimentos/Participatory Science: the resurgence of artisanal knowledge production practices

This article addresses the issue of contribution in online environments knowledge. Participatory science with the proliferation of web-based platforms, fostering the participation of and the general public in the production of knowledge. Drawing on a case study of a participatory science project that involved collecting observations of a giant grasshopper in the south of France, our objective is to reflect on the nature of low-level contributions (crowdsourcing type) in relation to the resurgence of artisanal science practices. We argue that on the one hand, the development of an extremely simple web platform provides a unique, innovative way of gathering a great deal of data from a large network of contributors, and on the other, the nature of the project itself, particularly its explicit recognition of amateurs’ status and contributions, represents a continuity of ways of doing typical of a « little science » era.

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