Comment penser le pouvoir d’agir dans un contexte de travail médiatisé et à distance? Le cas de deux collectifs de télétravailleuses.

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Based on an analysis of the operating conditions of home-based teleworkers in two companies (an employment agency and a headhunter agency), this article aims to better understand how mediatized communication impacts the conditions of development of individual and collective empowerment. Our results reveal that mediatized work enables the development of individual empowerment by answering aspirations to work/life balance. However when the frame of use of the technology and/or work conditions and remuneration prevent the construction of a work collective capable of criticizing the organization of work, this leads to a lack of collective empowerment which, in some cases, may restrict individual empowerment by depriving it of meaning. This article leads us to reflect on the renewal of the conditions that are necessary for the emergence of empowerment in changing organizations characterized by technological mediations, in the context of changing personal aspirations and transformed professional trajectories.

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