The “Datafication” of Society

The “Datafication” of Society: Socio-political Issues in Producing and Using Public and Private Data 

This project focuses on the social phenomenon of “datafication” viewed from the socio-political issues it raises. This two-part project examines how data publishing initiative promoters see “data publics”, and observes how these same promoters formulate and translate social, economic, political problems into open and transparent data publication or data use strategies. It also analyzes how these problems are reformulated, ignored or challenged by individuals and social groups through the use, non-use, modification or republication of data. In essence, this project is interested in understanding how public and private datasets weave new social activity representations and how they can help identify challenging social and political issues. The project is led by Florence Millerand (SSHRC Insight Grant 2018–2022), Mélanie Millette, Alexandre Coutant and Guillaume Latzko-Toth participate as co-investigators, and Gabrielle Drumond, Aline Faria, Maxime Harvey, Cloé Larivière-Jeannotte and Marie-Soleil Fortier as research assistants.

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