Online Legal Information Platforms : The Accessible “Plumitif”

This project examines conditions of access to Québec computerized court records(Plumitif)and uses made by citizens and legal professionals, and also ways to improve their accessibility, readability and comprehension. The Québec Plumitif is a computerized public register comprising the history of judicial civil and criminal provincial court records. The “Accessible Plumitif” is part of the 20-project-wide research consortium “Access to Law and Justice” (ADAJ) and is produced in partnership with the Québec Society of Legal Information (SOQUIJ). The ADAJ project (SSHRC Partnership Grant 2016–2022) is directed by Pierre Noreau, Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal. Sandrine PromTep, who heads the accessible Plumitif Project, also participates in the ADAJ project as co-investigator, as does Florence Millerand. Alexandra Bahary and Alexandra Parada are the research assistant.

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