Artificial Intelligence as a Support for People with Difficulties and Mental Health Practitioners

The RELAI (Respectful and Explainable AI for Supporting People with Difficulties and Mental Health Practitioners) project seeks to provide at-risk individuals, patients, and practitioners with mental health indicators through artificial intelligence-based online behaviour analysis. The project focuses on the early detection of mental health disorders by analyzing social network textual productions and interactions on online platforms. Led by a multidisciplinary team of computer science, humanities, social sciences, and health science researchers, the RELAI project hopes to create a respectful and explainable AI-based system that guarantees user privacy, transparency, and reliability.

Marie-Jean Meurs, professor in the Department of Computer Science at UQAM, heads the project (SSHRC grant New Frontiers in Research, 2019–2021). Florence Millerand participates as a co-investigator alongside seven co-investigators and three collaborators.

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