Scientific Work Transformations : Amateur and Technology Contributions

This project investigates the reconfigurations of scientific work that involves the participation of “amateurs” in knowledge production and information and communication technology use (databases and collaborative platforms). These technologies provide new exchange venues and facilitate work practices that encompass the use of dataaggregation and reuse. Together, these phenomena are redefining the division of scientific work. The study explores all stages in knowledge transformation: from production to circulation to dissemination. Research is empirically tied to the University of Montréal’s Biodiversity Center which houses the Canada-wide network Canadensys, a network of biodiversity databases. Lorna Heaton, Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Montréal (2013–2016 SSHRC Insight Grant) heads the study. Florence Millerand and Serge Proulx are co-investigators, Patricia Dias da Silva is a postdoctoral fellow, Mirjam Fines-Neuschild and Rémi Toupin are the research assistants.

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