Citizen Relationship to Journalistic News and Its Modes of Dissemination

In partnership with Radio-Canada, this project examines the public-information relationship within the changing media ecosystem owing to the rise of the Internet. What is the state of public opinion on information and democracy? What does it mean to be informed? How much information do people need? What are legitimate sources? Which are the preferred formats and platforms? How aware is the public of the new ways of making information visible? An exploratory audience survey was conducted to answer these questions and understand citizens’ relationship with the information content they encounter in their daily lives. The survey findings provide information that clarifies the CBC’s civic mission and contributes to restructuring its information sector.

Alexandre Coutant, professor in the Department of Social and Public Communication at UQAM, heads the project (SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants, 2019–2020). Florence Millerand participates as a co-investigator with the participation of Marie-Danielle Tremblay as a research assistant.

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