Youth and Online Viewing : What Media Culture Mutations?

This research project investigates how online viewing practices transform spectatorial activities. The study is based on a survey of young Quebecers aged 12 to 25 years. Increasingly, youths are using the Internet for entertainment purposes. Among these online activities, viewing films, TV series, web series and videos has significantly increased. Within this framework, how does online viewing transform the relationship between youths and entertainment content? The research seeks to document the use of audiovisual content accessed online by teenagers (12–17 years) and young adults (18–25 years) and viewed through mobile devices. The object is to understand how technical devices characteristic of the Web 2.0 generate new audiovisual content uses, renew reception contexts, create new meanings and help transform the relational dynamics surrounding reception. The project is headed by Christine Thoër, Professor in the Department of Social and Public Communication at UQAM (SSHRC Insight Grant 2014–2017). Florence Millerand, Serge Proulx and Joseph Lévy participate as co-investigators. Pierre Barrette, Alexandre Coutant and Judith Gaudet are collaborators and Nina Duque, is the research assistant.

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